Think of an automobile with a shattered windshield. Isn’t that an unsettling image? However, the lack of aesthetics pales in comparison to the potential for injury. In an automobile, the windshield serves a variety of purposes, but it is specifically built to:

  • Prevent extraneous things from entering the vehicle, such as dust, filth, and grime.
  • In the event of a collision, keep the roof from collapsing.
  • Save the motorist from the collision’s initial impact.
  • Guarantee the driver has clear eyesight by protecting them from glare.

Among the most overlooked areas of car maintenance is windshield maintenance. It’s not just about washing the windows on a daily basis, although this is also essential.

Car Windshield Maintenance

Cleaning and maintenance of your windshield on a routine basis can not only keeps you safe, but it also lengthens the life of the windshield. Some maintenance every now and again can help you avoid serious windshield disasters and save you a lot of money. Here are 5 quick and easy ways to keep your windshield in good shape for the long term:

Avoid parking in direct sunlight 

Parking your automobile carelessly could jeopardize the whole car, along with the windshield. Intense temperatures may cause stress fractures in the windshield, putting the entire piece of glass at risk of breaking. In addition, spikes in temperature, particularly in strong sunshine, may cause preexisting cracks to develop further.

UV rays are also harmful to glass tints, which can cause them to fade. Preventing damage and strengthening the longevity of your windshield in your automobile by parking as often as you can in a basement, garage, or any other location that has a shade. 

Repair chips and cracks as soon as possible

Whenever a foreign item collides with your windshield in a vehicle, it can create cracks or chips in the glass. It might even cause the formation of bubbles between the glass layers. If left addressed, these formations, irrespective of size, can lead to substantial harm. They have the potential to grow in size over time, obstructing the driver’s view. 

Furthermore, it may cause damage to the point where the glass’s safety is jeopardized, leaving you with no choice but to replace it. It’s critical to take these nicks seriously because a windscreen replacement costs more than a glass repair.

Car Windshield Maintenance

Replace windshield wipers on a regular basis

The state of the windshield wiper has multiple effects on the car’s windscreen. A metal structure inside and rubber coating outside make up the windshield wiper in general. Whenever the rubber covering on the windshield wears away, the metal structure beneath it is revealed. 

This means that whenever you use the wipers, the metal body scratches against your windshield, potentially scratching the glass. Wiper blades deteriorate over time because of wear and tear, dirt, moisture, and sunshine, thus they should be replaced at a minimum annually to safeguard your windshield.

Use high-quality cleaning supplies

Cleaning your auto glass with unsuitable chemicals, such as DIY cleaners, ammonia-based glass cleaners, paper towels, abrasive household sponges, and so on, can scrape the screen, ruin the tint, and produce streaks on your window. To prevent your windshield from damage, utilize cleansers formulated exclusively for windshields in your automobile, along with a soft microfiber cloth.

Doors should not be slammed shut

It’s no surprise that slamming automobile doors can have catastrophic consequences. Whenever you shut the car door too hard, it can cause major vibrations within the vehicle, as well as the side windows becoming loose and falling off.

If your windshield glass has minor chips, nicks, or cracks, every time you close the door too forcefully, they may grow. Therefore, it’s a good idea to make closing the door softly a habit.