If you are someone who enjoys SUVs, you are going to love Mazda CX-9. This model is a distinctive car that is equipped with three-row seats and amazing style. Although this is not a luxury car, it can very much be considered a luxury car by its look and feel. Due to the size, many people think of it as cargo, but this is a very comfortable and accommodating SUV with huge space. As a family, you will love the feel of the car.


Mazda CX-9
Credit: mazdausa
Car performance

As SUVs go, they are very efficient when it comes to performance. This car is not an exception to this trend. The model is a midsize SUV, which feels the same when you drive it. If you are not a confident driver on the road, you can feel the support from the car while driving. This is because the car is equipped with a better break system, so one can take full control of it. The acceleration of the car is also fascinating. It can reach up to 0 to 60 within 7.6 seconds.


Credit: edmunds

If you want to take this car for a long drive or use it for doing daily activities, it will provide the utmost comfort for you. As this is a midsize SUV with three rows, this is going to provide so much space. Much of the credit will go for the smooth ride experience. The taller tire provides the suspension and supports it needs. This makes the car have a safe ride as well.


Credit: autotrader
Final thoughts

There are so many SUVs in the market right now. Among them, there are many reasons that this car is different from all the other cars in the market. From safety, comfort, and style, this model is going to give you the lifetime experience you deserve.