Mercedes-Benz EQS is a remarkable addition to the electric vehicle market. Mercedes has been in the car game for a long time. So, it is their time to conquer the EV game. So, they decided to come up with this giant EQs van. This project is a combination of their previous models from the EV collection, which is a homage to how much better the car will be than the previous ones. This is a battery-stuffed, S-Class sized, containing a massive 107.8kWh battery car that is going to step its feet in the EV game.  

electric car
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Interior of the car

The car assures you the best service for the driver. Inside the car, the seats are covered with the best leather you can imagine. If you choose the 55-inch ‘Hyperscreen” panel option, be ready to have jaw-dropping features. In addition, it can be said that it’s a car that came from the vision.


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Charging system

This car is not known for its fast charging. If you are not a super busy person who needs ultra-fast charging mode, then it is the perfect car for you. The EQS can accept up to 200kW. Still, this is not better than Audi or other companies introducing EV models in the market. When it comes to smooth charging and service, the car is not so different from other models. Moreover, Mercedes has provided the chance of using multiple charging plugs.

Mercedes-Benz EQS
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Final thoughts

EQS is the most gratifying EV that the company has ever produced in their company. This car has all the charms of a modern-day luxury car, with the comfort and performance of a power car. The EQS completes all the criteria that the company has made its brand on. Also, being the owner of this model will show the classiness and richness of taste.