The Mercedes EQA is like that colleague who wears a full suit-and-tie, even for an online Zoom meeting. Where the other college is wearing pajamas, this car is being prepared for every possible situation. It can be said that the Mercedes EQA is the future of all-electric vehicles. Just from the outer look of it, you will be amazed by its class and outlook. So, beyond its premium image, what does the EQA bring to the table? It’s based on the Mercedes GLA family SUV, which is available in petrol, diesel, and plug-in hybrid forms.

Mercedes EQA
Credit: topgear
Posh features

There are now a whole host of impressive small electric cars to choose from, but very few of them have a posh badge. For this SUV, Mercedes engineers have bought out the engine from under the bonnet and reworked the car into a fully electric SUV. furthermore, with a 66.5kWh battery that promises up to 263 miles from a full charge, this car is going to make the market on point.

Electric car
Credit: motor1
Excellent exterior

The exterior of the car is just amazingly done. The lights are curated from the previous models, so it looks like they belong form the Mercedes family. But the unique shape and details of it make it posher. Moreover, this car will definitely seek attention from the passerby. The exquisite door design and the front of the car are visually different from any other model of this series. Mercedes EQA is perfect in terms of performance, interior quality, boot size, and more. This version will make you want to purchase it the first time you see it.

Credit: ev-database
Worthy price

Price-wise, it’s closer to those bigger rivals. It delivers a cut-price, downsized alternative to the more expensive Audi E-Tron and Jaguar I-Pace. Additionally, this could be a real watershed moment for Mercedes’ venture into the EV world.