Porsche is planning to introduce a new electrification strategy. The automaker is going to build a charging network for the third electric car. Porsche CEO Oliver Blume shared the good news about creating their own charging network. The automaker is expecting to boost the sales target with this amazing charging network plan. This new electrification initiative will be implemented along with their new third electric car and hybrid 911 model.

Enhancement of support

The automaker announced that the charging network will work for Porsche owners and customers which is a great advantage for Porsche users. But this electrification strategy doesn’t have any impact on the current infrastructure development projects of the company. Rather it will continue to invest in current infrastructure development projects which are essential for its business growth. However, the automaker has decided to increase the support towards their customers. They want to acknowledge the demand for some new electrification like a charging network.

Oliver Blume confirmed that the first charging station will open in early 2023. The station will serve the customers with a buildout thereafter. Chief financial officer and board member of the company Lutz Meschke said, “The company has identified charging site locations in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. Europe.” The automaker is planning to establish these stations at the first phase of the automaker’s infrastructure strategy. However, the company is thinking about exclusive solutions for China and the U.S.

Establishing relaxation hubs

The stations are not only the places providing a charging facility for the vehicles but also these will be treated as relaxing hubs for the Porsche users. Porsche owners can get a coffee, relax, or get some work done in these stations. According to Meschke, these stations will be some great places to take a break after driving a long way. The automaker has increased its sales target for EVs. The recent customer-focused business strategy also indicates that they are going to capture the rising market of EVs. The company aims to have a 50% mix of electrified sales by 2025. It is also planning to sale increase its sales by 80% specifically on battery-electric models by 2030.