Many countries are going to ban new combustion vehicles. As days proceed, technological bans are creating more issues for the betterment of the future. The same goes for New York, as they are banning a car feature with a lot of potential. New York is imposing bans on cars with internal combustion and it is getting more attention than ever. From 2035, all the cars like pickups, passenger cars, SUVs, and other forms sold in the market will not be having the feature.


New Combustion Vehicles
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The announcement and the reaction

The good thing is, the ban will be implemented in only New York city, not in the whole state. But how it will work is still Mistry. The decision was announced by the governor of the state, Kathy Hochul. But for some reason, it was not announced by NYC’s mayor. Many people are not happy with this sanction. According to them, this is a disruption that will create issues in technological advancement.


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The reason behind the ban

There might be many formal protests regarding the man of internal combustion cars, but the reason behind them has some solid points. The regulation is fitting for New York’s Environmental Goals. Recently they have taken an initiative of 85% reduction of greenhouse gas across the state by 2050. Moreover, the goal aims to have fresh air by reducing air pollution. The ban on internal combustion can is to promote zero-emission cars in the state.


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Final thoughts

Most New Yorkers are at a point where they are confused. Whether they want to support or not is the main confusion. On the one hand, this is a big backstep for the growth of technology. On the other hand, this initiative can help save the environment. So, people are looking at the car company to see what they are coming up with.