Nissan Ariya is a semi-sports car that is an electric crossover car. It is a wonderful combination of modern technology and comfort. It is opening a new dimension in the world of electric vehicles. Due to its amazing features, it is very easy to get drawn to it. Nissan never fails to amaze the world with its sharp-looking cars, and this upcoming new model is one of them. Inside and outside, the Japanese design will give a clear idea about why this is going to be a new sensation.

Nissan Ariya
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A new start for Nissan

It’s a bold start for Nissan to introduce electric cars. The consumers have got a pretty good idea about the affordability of cars that Nissan produces. And this model is also consumer-friendly with a whole lot to offer. The previous “Leaf” model has raised the expectation among car lovers. But, “Ariya” is a step ahead of all previous models, including “Leaf”.

electric car
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Exciting features

This new series got an all-new EV platform. It also includes a liquid battery cooling system that indicates faster charging without any damage. In addition, it has a CCS connection that provides the facility to charge faster than ever. It can switch to all-coil motors, for better high-speed efficiency.

electric vehicle
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For comparison, the Ariya is about the size of the new Tesla Model Y or VW. But not as wide as some of those which provide benefits while driving on narrow roads. Nissan cares about the consumers and their requirements. The range of the Aiya starts with a front-drive 217bhp with a 63 Wh battery. It’s a prototype, the next version will have a 67Wh battery that passes a higher current flow of 242 BPH. It’s also possible to have a larger battery, and a torque system called e-40RCE. All these amazing features make this model a unique choice for electric vehicle users.