In 2023, the Nissan Versa has come up with new touches with design choices that are now being talked about. They are fresh and show off new parts like the grille with silver trim pieces. Also, the new pieces that are giving a bold statement are now accenting the main blacked-out elements. Other features include an 8 inches touchscreen and a wi-fi hotspot with a wireless charging pad. Here we are presenting some attractive features of this model that you may like to know.


Nissan Versa
Credit: guideautoweb
The sale of the car

The sale rate of Nissan’s subcompact-versa Sedan is not doing that well in 2022. At the end of the third quarter, almost 9335 Versa had been sold to their forever home. This is a tanked rate compared to last year. At the end of the last year, the brand sold 50,569 units, which was the biggest news on the market. But the company is not getting rid of this small sedan in 2023 so soon.


Credit: greencarreports
Other Features

The Car has come up with some revolutionary changes that Nissan is very proud of. The most noticeable addition is the new grille. It has a black hexagonal piece stuck by the cascading column with rectangular silver trim. Also, they have updated their logo of Nissan for this model. The rear part of the car stays unaltered from the previous model. Moreover, the SE model also got a 17-inch wheel that is newly designed.


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Engine and Performance

The motor part of the car is truly amazing. The Versa has plenty of standard safety features, which include automatic emergency braking. Rare automatic braking, and lane departure warning. You can enjoy the 1.6-liter four-cylinder of this car. This feature produces 122 horsepower. This is pretty impressive if we are looking at other cars compared to it. Also, 2023 is going to offer the Versa sale in the fall.