There is a big possibility that the Japanese version of the Nissan Z might receive a nose makeover. Recently a news published in Japanese Nostalgic Car mentioned that the automobile company has scheduled an alternate front-end treatment. The main purpose of this treatment is to become a dealer-installed option in Japan sometime in the middle of this year. The automaker first teased a new split-grille design on a custom Fairlady Z prototype. They displayed it at the 2022 Tokyo auto salon.

Nissan Z
Credit: nissan-global
More information about it

This may be great news, depending on how you feel about Z’s standard nose. In contrast to the existing car’s gaping front orifice, it is believed that this change at least offers the Z’s face more defined features. Nevertheless, it might not matter what Americans think because the split-grille option might only be available in Japan.

Nissan Z
Credit: nissan
About the time this might take place

A representative from Nissan’s North American team confirmed that the alternate grille will go into production in Japan. They also stated that official had yet been made by the company. In theory, it opens the possibility of the American Z receiving a new nose. However, they haven’t declared any official update. So, still, nothing is sure and we’ll just have to wait and see. But the information that the model will go through some changes is pretty sure. The car users are eagerly waiting for this exciting changes.

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For American car lovers

As the whole process is still not sure, there are very few chances that the new model would be very much available when they come up with the rendered model. But people are speculating that if there is a change in the design of the front of the car, there will be a collaboration between the Japanese and North American teams to solve this deal.