Oscar Piastri signed for McLaren Racing Limited in 2023. Now it becomes the talk of the town in the car racing world. After Oscar Piastri was taken by the Twitter storm last week for the rejection of Alpine’s announcement. He had replace Fernando Alonso in 2023. Also, something new happened that made the headlines. There will be a reserved driver for Mclaren next season. The team has shared a statement and there they clearly mentioned it. Authority has ousted Daniel Ricciardo from the contract of three years. The authority just announced the news. Also, he was out of the contract 12 months earlier.

Oscar Piastri
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What happened?

The higher authority has forced Alpine and McLaren to sign the contract for their respective Piastri. This was about the F1’s Contract Recognition Board. The young Aussie decided this news. It is important here to mention that he is the reigning F2 champion, and also a former F3 winner too. And for this reason, he signed a multi-year contract with the company.

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What is the response from the company?

FIA released a statement after all these activities had taken place on social media. They mentioned the decision of the tribunal about the incident taking place. The tribunal issued a unanimous decision regarding the contract between the board and McLaren. The decision was about the contract and Mr. Piastri dated 4 July 2022. The judgment also mentioned Mr. Piastri will drive for McLaren Racing Limited.  This would be a great honor for this racer and the trend will continue for the 2023 and 2024 seasons.

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After that, Mr. Piastri mentioned that he is very satisfied with the decision of the corporation. He is also excited to make the F1 debut with all the respect that was given to him. He mentioned, that the team had a long tradition to provide an opportunity to the most deserving people, and he is happy to get the recognition from the team.