For the US battery factory, Panasonic is wondering about a plant location. Either Oklahoma or Kansas could be Panasonic’s next mammoth battery plant in the USA. Experts believe that this plant may have a positive impact on the development of electric vehicles.

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The recent update

Japan’s national public broadcasting network NHK had recently shared this update. The news update presented that the battery supplier is busy shopping for its mega factory in the US. It is estimated that the location could be either Oklahoma or Kansas. According to the report, the company has decided to invest billion dollars just to build it. NHK reported, “mass-producing new high-capacity lithium-ion batteries that significantly increase the range of EVs.”

Purpose of the plant

The main purpose of this plant of Panasonic is to accelerate the mass production of high-capacity lithium-ion batteries. Whether it is in Oklahoma or Kansas, the factory might be a good source to deliver batteries for Tesla’s new plant in Austin. Because the factory would be close enough to serve as a primary supplier of this advanced electric car manufacturing plant.

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Future plan

Last week, Panasonic has officially declared about it pending production of the 4680-format cylindrical cells. They also mentioned that they have a plan to start a factory in western Japan in 2023 or early 2024. The company also hinted that before ramp-up, they will work for more development. However, it doesn’t mean that Tesla is planning from ramping up its production of the battery format. They are running a pilot production facility in California. Tesla revealed that they can hit cumulative production of these cells. The amount is far enough for more than 1,000 Model Ys.

Strength of collaboration

For more than a decade, electric car manufacturer Tesla and tech giant Panasonic have been closely interwoven. Tesla’s investor has exclusively sourced cells for the Model S and Model Y. It was a wonderful innovation that the world of electric car had ever experienced.

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Later Tesla has decided to collaborate with the Nevada Gigafactory. Since 2014 this company is supplying cells for the U.S.-built Model 3 and Model Y of the electric car. However, Tesla has initiated its long-term relationship with Panasonic in 2020. Though Panasonic has sold its Tesla stake in 2021.