Polestar 2 is the recently offered model of Polestar. They are the big player when it comes to the company’s electric vehicle scene. After the Tesla Model 3, this car is the biggest attraction in the market. Although, once the Polestar was Volvo’s racing skunkworks, the company morphed into an electric offshoot. This company is jointly connected with China, as the mothership goes to them. Also, cars are built in China and sold worldwide.

Polestar 2
Credit: polestar
Price and features 

The car offers its price at £43,150, and it is for the entry-level ‘Standard Range Single Motor’ version. Additionally, this car has a 69KWh battery capacity. Due to this capability, they can range up to 297 miles with the help of an electric motor, which is good for the 228bhp. Another variety of cars is the long-range single motor. You can easily feel the difference with Polestar 1.

Credit: topgear

This is also better when it comes to the performance of the car. This variety offers a 78kWh unit and 341 miles on a fully charged battery. Moreover, this gives the car 341 miles on a full charge. It costs £46,350. Another model of this series is a top-spec long-range dual motor. You can get it by the name that the car is the premium version of this series. This features electric motors on the front part of the car. The rear axle can take up to 301 miles of a range. In addition, the car can develop over 400bhp and split 50/50 front-rare. This is why the car is so fast despite weighing 2.1 tons. The starting price of this model is £49,550.

Polestar 2
Credit: tomsguide

The design of the car is so elegant that people would look twice at it. The sensational-looking machine is in the color of metal, crisp and fresh. The outside of the car is loaded with fake vents that give the car a nice touch.