In the automobile market, people are interested in the best electric vehicles. As this is a new trend, many people don’t know much about these sorts of cars beforehand. So, here is a review of some of the best electric vehicles you can find in the market at an affordable price range.


Mini Electric

Although its name is a mini-EV, it has all the functioning parts that an electric car should have. Also with the new electric vehicle feature, this car has all the qualities of the standard Mini Cooper S. This has so many eco-friendly features that are way ahead of the time in the car industry compared to its other competitors. For example, it has zero local emissions. Also, this is an affordable car for many. The price range starts from £10,342 – £36,420.


Electric Vehicles
Credit: carmagazine
Volkswagen ID.4

From the previous model, which is ID.4, this model is pretty impressive. Despite all the flaws that the previous model had, this one shows a lot of improvement and dedication. This electric vehicle especially tries to provide all the comfort for the driver. So, this is the perfect car if you want to go for a long drive.


Electric cars
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BMW i4

Like Tesla Model 3, and Polestar, this is another car that ensures luxury and quality for the driver. I 4 can be considered an alternative to these previous models. Also, BMW is new in the Electric vehicle game. This model is one of their new launches, and they have shown an impressive commitment to releasing a quality car that is worth the while.


Electric Vehicles
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Kia EV6

This is another car that has proven its quality from its previous model. EV6 is a product of thinking ahead of time. The model is distinct from the other models but not far from trendy fashion. Also, the exquisite red exterior looks just add to the car’s overlook.