Audi’s very first fully electric model Audi E-tron is going to lead Germany’s charge to electrification. This zero-emissions, all-paw SUV will be the first release of electric series production of Audi. The auto manufacturer giant launched this model without any delay as the rival manufacturers are on the way.

Audi E-tron
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Recent moves of Audi’s major competitors

Audi’s major competitors Jaguar and Mercedes are planning to introduce luxurious mid-sized SUVs soon. furthermore, they will bring some exciting models which are rich in zeitgeist appeal. Recent the Volkswagen Group diesel emissions scandal has had a seriously bad impact on the reputation of the brand. That’s why the auto-making company has decided to maintain strictly future average CO2 emissions. Additionally, the experts expect that the current road test subject will help them to repair the damaged reputation.

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Audi’s new vision for product strategy

Audi’s new models like the A6, A7, and Q8 models are applying the rear light bar. Besides, the company wants to keep the same trend while designing the E-tron’s rear end. This design makes the model suitably futuristic. In addition, Audi has decided to keep sustainability as the main criteria while manufacturing its products.

Sustainability will remain at the forefront over the next four years of their product strategy. The company will invest €14 billion to ensure electric mobility for the next generation. E-tron is the first product of this line-up. This model has a battery pack that comes from Poland. The experts of Belgium assembled it with higher care and priority. Furthermore, the experienced technicians of Hungary made the electric motor of this vehicle. This electric car is the ick-start of a revolutionary journey.

Electric car
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E-tron’s comes with amazing features

E-tron is offering some strong and attractive features. The performance, range, and price of this electric car are undoubtedly fantastic. Especially the charging capabilities of E-tron are unique. Additionally, this class-leading model comes with a recognizable aesthetic design and lucrative color. Furthermore, it is the most innovative product of Audi. It has a solitary powertrain option that can contain an electric motor.