Maintaining an unused car is hard in itself. Because when your car will be sitting idle for a while in your home, as an owner you need to take some steps to prevent them from getting dull. Not driving your car for a month or two is fine. But if the time extends more than that, try to follow these rules.

Unused Car
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Wash and dry your car

This is very important. If you were in your car, this will clean the previous mess that it had. But don’t forget to dry it properly. As moisture is a way to build up rust, you need to make sure after washing that your car has no wet area that can grow rust. The underside of the car is more prone to this issue, so try to look under the car and keep it safe.

Inflate your tires before keeping them idle

This step is another important thing to remember. Over time your tire gets deflated. But we don’t observe it as often as we keep your tires in check. But, before keeping your car sitting somewhere, try to make sure all four tires are inflated. If they are not in the right position, this car is harmful to the health of the tire and the air tube inside it.

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Fill the tank up to the mark

This is another thing to remember. Before leaving your car inside somewhere, try to fill up the tank. Keeping an empty tank can be hazardous for the tank. A filled tank helps to avoid additional moisture and condensation.

old car
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Keep the surroundings safe

This is the most important part. As your car is going to be in a space for a while, that space needs to be saved and secured. Making sure there are no materials that can be inflamed easily is important too.