The Rivian R1T has completed the expectation of the electric truck’s enthusiastic people. The attractive design and useful features are highly desirable to electric vehicle users. The company had already announced that they are going to bring an electric version of the car to the market soon. Coming up with a fossil fuel-free version of the truck was unexpected.

Rivian R1T
Credit: autonews
Features of the car

The R1T is a bit larger than the premium trucks in the European standard. The car is more than 5.5 meters in length, which is 300 mm longer than other riveling trucks like Ford Ranger. This is beneficial for the car owner as it has more space than other options in the market. It’s a good size car with a better design. It provides a jarring futuristic style just from looking at it.

electric car
Credit: insideevs
Some special additions 

This car comes with glowing LED bar spans that are different from the traditional methods. Also, they have vertical headlights that are called stadium lights. Moreover, this car comes with tow hooks on the front, specifically on the number right beside the indicator. There is a trailer hitch too. This is also hidden behind a panel out back there. This car is a real truck with all the necessary amenities.

Credit: guideautoweb
How effectively it runs 

One of the best sides of this car is that it doesn’t require any extra parts after purchase to run properly. The floor of the car is completely flat, so it doesn’t create any issues. Also, it is less likely that an electric car would get hit by obstacles on the road. Adjustable springs can help the car rise and get down when the road succeeds. The bumper also helps the car to rise by up to 165 mm to fly when there is something under the tires suddenly.