Every machine requires routine vehicle check-ups after a while. Cars are not that different. In some cases, it requires a lot of patience to take care of a car to keep it running smoothly. Here are some regular checkups that are easy, and a must for a car owner to do.

Routine Vehicle Check Up
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Checking oil

When you go to the car dealership to repair your car, they change the oil of the car. But as an owner, you should check your car’s oil quality at least once a month. This is how you get to know if your car is doing ok from the inside. If something different is observed, the owner can take the necessary steps to fix it.

Checking other fluids

Many people don’t know about other important fluids in the car without car oil. But various fluids run a car, for example, brake fluid, coolant and washer fluid, transmission fluids, and many more. It is important to make sure everything is on its standard level.

Routine Check Up
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Look out for brake issues

If your car acts differently when you use the braking paddle, try to listen to your car. If it is done once or twice and never repeats, this might not be an issue. In case you see the repetition of the same event while pressing the brake, you should look into the matter seriously. Sound like squeaking, grinding, rattling, and vibrating after breaking or while you are on the brake is a sign of a bad braking system and dysfunctionality with the part of the car.

car service
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Check for battery health

Your car battery is probably fit for the long run. But there might be a situation where you need to check your battery often. A car that is powered by electricity is equipped with self-checking battery functions. If your car is a manual one, check the battery status once a week.