Small SUVs are the most common mode of transportation among people. So, the demand for cars is huge. But these days affording a car is hard, as the expense has gone up. Here are a few of the models that are affordable for people who have financial struggles.


Kia Niro

This is the only hybrid car on the list, which is affordable and has great performance. The gas-electric powertrains provide 50 mpg combinedly in an EPA test, which is stunning. Also, it saves a lot of money on gas, as it can run on electricity. If fuel expenses are something you struggle with, this is a great alternative for you. Also, the engine contains a 1.6-liter inline-4 permanent magnet synchronous AC motor.


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Nissan Rogue Sport S

This car is both stylish and comfortable on a budget. The SUV also offers a passenger and separate cargo room in the car. The result of the EPA test is also better compared to the other cars in the market at this price point. With 28 mpg the car gives the feel of a sports vehicle. Moreover, the average cost of the car would be $23,385. With a 2.0-; liter inline-4 engine, it runs smoothly.


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Jeep Compass Sport

Although this car has a jeep vibe, this is a total SUV from the inside. This is one of the SUVs that has the lowest price range. Starting from $23,590, this car can provide all the comfort and facility of any other SUV in the market.


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Hyundai Tucson SE

Tucson is one of the most well-equipped cars on this list. With a $24,445 starting price, the car has a great attribute that would give you enough comfort while driving. The base model has a standard tech system with a touchscreen. Not only that, but it also got an automated emergency braking. 

Small SUVs
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