After the Electric car, electric pick-ups have been the new thing in the market. People who work on a farm or have to carry weight on a daily basis are more interested in electric pickups. These excellently designed electric pick-ups are not only efficient but also stylish at the same time. Here are some of the amazing electric pick-ups that you may like to know.


Ford F-150 Lightning

Ford F-150 is the best-selling pickup truck in northern America. This review says all about how efficient and popular this car is in the market now. They have kept their best place in the market for 40 years straight. When we are talking about Ford F-150, we think about 572bhp and 775lb-ft, also claimed mileage of 320 miles per hour. Moreover, this car has a massive front trunk with bi-directional power. Additionally, this car can tow 4.5 tonnes, and carry up to 900 kg.


Electric Pick-up
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Rivian R1T

This is a new project of an all-American company, and after its debut, they have marked its place in the electric pickup market. The company is known as Rivian and they are already in production. Depending on the longer and shorter-range version, this R1T version can get up to 300 miles range. Also, the quad-motor power helps to get the car from 0-60mph in only 3 seconds. As a new company, this record is hard to beat. Moreover, the price point starts from $67,500.


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Tesla Cybertruck

This is the car that has started the trend of the electric truck. Before Tesla announced their cyber track, people just had the imagination of electric trucks in their minds. But Tesla was the one who made it and introduced it into the market. The price of the car depends on the version. If someone wants to buy the single-motor version, they have to pay $40,000. And if they want to buy the rear-drive version, they have to spend 70,000. 


Electric car
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