As the new year is coming car users are eagerly waiting for some exciting electric car models. The electric car now has been a symbol of class and elegance. People who are into cars are not preferring electric car models not just to show their taste and choice in the vehicle, it is also a great way to save the environment from pollution. Here are 4 EV models that are new and surprising for 2023.


BMW i4

Just like its predecessors, this model is also the company’s star of the collection. BMW i4 is the symbol of versatility. The fully electric-based engine allows this car to go places people have never thought of before. Not only does the car have an amazing interior setting, but also it has a chic outlook. The white outer body with a black accent makes the car look regal and posh.

Exciting Electric Car
Credit: carwale
Kia EV6

This car is an example of how thinking of the future does not necessarily have to be wired. This modern and fashionable car not only serves as a great EV but also a car that can provide comfort for the people sitting inside. EV6 is a dynamic car that will offer you so much. Being capable of crushing, this will be the perfect option if you like long road trips with friends.


Electric Car
Credit: topgear
Renault Megane E-Tech

This year, red EVs are in style. This is another red EV that will provide you with more than you desired from this car. From the first look, it will seem like a normal red EV, but after you get to know its exterior and interior features including the performance, you will be amazed and shocked at the same time.

Exciting Electric Car
Credit: topgear
Tesla Model Y

It is hard for Tesla to produce cars that are not up to the mark. Model Y is also a great example of the saying. With all the smart features of Tesla, Model Y is equipped with motion sensors, which makes it different from other cars.


Credit: tesla