After it hit the market, Tesla CyberTruck made history in the electric vehicle market. Still today after the grand release from the Tesla company, this is the top-selling electric vehicle in the market. With an exterior like a modern alien spaceship, Cyber Truck is on top of everyone’s list. Not just the outlook, this car is also very efficient and technologically futuristic. The car can tow up to 14,000 pounds and has a driving range of over 500 miles.

Tesla CyberTruck
Credit: nytimes
Price and details

As this is a dream car for any truck lover, everyone wants to have this car. Cyber Truck comes in three different configurations for the convenience of the people. The classification is made by the number of motors the car accommodates. The standard model of the car is the all-wheel version. But the single model version has its benefits. A single model version costs $39,900 in the USD market. The dual-motor version is only $49,900 and the trimotor version is $69,900.

Credit: topgear
Power, Performance, and all about the motor

The most impressive part of the car is its new motor that provides all the action. The Cyber Truck not only has one but three motors. This makes the car more fun on the road. The single-motor truck has rear-wheel drive, but the two and three-motor versions have all-wheel drive. This enables the car to move smoothly and drive fast. Also, Tesla claims that the car can go from 0 to 60 mph in 6.5 seconds. This is extraordinary, to say the least.

Credit: supercarblondie
Fuel economy and others

One of the main motives behind electric vehicles is to reduce the use of oil worldwide. Tesla’s cyber truck is nothing different from it. Although there are no official ratings for consumption, it is assumable that it uses less energy than the oil-based car. So, this is greener and safer for the environment.