The Tesla Model 3 is an American four-door all-electric car. With four-wheel drive, setting arrangements for five people; is a big deal in the car business. With certainty, it can be said that the Tesla Model 3 is the best deal of this century. Additionally, this is one of the most affordable cars in the Tesla series.

Tesla Model 3
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In addition, being an entry-level car, it is designed to take the best-selling likes of the Audi A4, BMW 3 series, and Mercedes c-class. Not to mention, its slow-of-the-mark cousins are also in the market. With Tesla’s viral publicity, the car has already got household recognition. In addition, this highly ambitious car’s features made it a phenomenon.

electric car
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How affordable are we talking about?

The car places below the Model S Salon in the price range. The standard range of it including guise, the price is starting from 40,990 Euro. This will easily get you a rear-wheel drive, and 279 miles of range. The road trip that many of you have planned is now one step away. Additionally, the long-range two all-wheel-drive versions are also perfect for daily uses with 360 miles. although it will sacrifice a few miles, definitely outrun a Lamborghini up to the national speed limit.

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Excellent features at this price range

As Tesla does, and most electric cars– the model 3 is powered by a slab of lithium-ion batteries which is set on the car’s floor. This placement is done to protect it from crashes or any sort of damage. It also maintains the center of gravity which is important for the balance of the car. Which indicated the owner gets a second boot in the front of the car. This is very handy to store the mucky charging cable and others. Furthermore, the excellent appearance, as well as the comfortable interiors, are some amazing features of this model. Moreover, it offers the best outlook at this price range.