Recently car users are very much interested in cheaper models. That’s why automobile companies are trying to produce cheaper models. Tesla is known for their top-level electric vehicles. They are also known for their luxury and stylish outlook. In recent days, Tesla has started to produce comparatively cheaper cars, but they are not advertising it wholly to the clients. Tesla’s new entry-level model Y is not on the official site. But it is on sale right now. This model can go up to 270 miles and has an EPA-rated range. Also, this specific model costs $200 less than model Y Long Range.


Cheaper Models
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More details about the deal

Tesla is pulling off a food chain move on their cars. They are providing the chance for their clients to order cheaper variants from the menu. Although the official website is not showing the offer on the website. The clients can get the offer from the shop. Currently, the shop is offering the Model Y Long Range for $54,380, but for the Performance variants, the price is $58,380. On the other hand, the entry-level Y is $2000 cheaper.


Tesla Cheaper Models
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The reason behind

Tesla stopped the entry-level rear-drive model Y in the year 2021. This discontinuation was done without any reason, or that Tesla has shown as the reason. No one knows why a new model would be cheaper than the actual version, but it would not be enlisted on the website. There are many speculations about it, the only credible explanation can be that Tesla is trying out a new thing. As it is on a trial basis, there is no official information regarding this.


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What’s more?

The latest edition of the Model Y is equipped with Tesla’s 4680 battery pack. This is produced by the company. So, there is no way to underestimate the car itself. Although it is cheaper, there is no sign that it works less than any other cars that the company has to offer.