The 2023 BMW iX M60 is an all-electric SUV that showcases futuristic technology and styling, setting a new benchmark for the electric vehicle market. As the automotive industry shifts towards sustainable mobility, BMW has taken a bold step forward with the iX M60, offering impressive power, safety, practicality, and value.

Power and Performance

Equipped with a range-topping powertrain, the iX M60 boasts 610 hp and 749 lb-ft of torque, allowing it to accelerate from 0-100 km/h in just 3.8 seconds. This impressive performance is accompanied by digitally recreated sound effects composed by renowned composer Hans Zimmer, adding an immersive experience to the drive. Despite its weight, the iX M60 offers exceptional handling and braking capabilities, ensuring a thrilling yet safe driving experience.

Regenerative Braking and One-Pedal Driving

The iX M60 features a flexible regenerative braking system that allows for one-pedal driving, making it more efficient and convenient for drivers. This innovative system enables the vehicle to recover energy during deceleration, further enhancing its overall efficiency and range.

BMW’s Commitment to Electric Vehicles

BMW CEO Oliver Zipse has stated that the company’s next wave of EVs will set the industry benchmark in range, charging speeds, and pricing. With the recent debut of BMW’s Neue Klasse EV platform at CES, the automaker aims to improve energy density, charging speeds, and overall range by 20-30% compared to its current battery technology. BMW has also invested heavily in battery technology, committing $20 million to long-time partner Solid Power to license its solid-state battery technology.

Future Electric Models from BMW

The first BMW EV on the Neue Klasse platform is expected to arrive sometime in 2025 and will be a midsize sedan built in Hungary. A potential future electric 3 Series from BMW is also in the works, with insiders claiming that the current 3 Series sedan and wagon could be the last to be offered with petrol power. The Neue Klasse electric 3 Series, likely badged the i3, would be sold alongside the current 3 Series until 2027, with the production of petrol models ending in 2027.