A Formula One Team Principal is charged with a wide range of duties. Managing a technically skilled team of engineers, dodging the egos of agitated drivers, and, if you follow the Christian Horner and Toto Wolff school of thought, regularly insulting your rival in the Netflix series are all necessary.

F1 management

F1 Manager 2022, the F1 management game which launches on August 25 for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox, aims to handle the majority, if not all, of those duties. Despite the fact that a management game will by definition lack the intense drama of driving the car in a more traditional F1 game, real fans of the sport are aware of how significant and engaging the interpersonal and technical aspects of motor racing can be.

As team principal, it will be your responsibility to take over one of the ten current F1 teams and lead them to success over several seasons. In order to keep from going over the authorized budget cap, you’ll need to woo sponsors, employ real-world drivers and staff, enhance your facilities, adjust your approaches mid-race, and decide on the course of development. 

F1 manager

The most surprising thing is that this does not resemble any management game we have ever seen. The creator, Frontier, has chosen to make this management game much more remarkable than it would otherwise be, similar to how Tom Cruise insisted on jumping out of a plane to get the best shot. 

You’ll be treated to some amazing graphics and broadcast-quality presentation after you’ve finished all your fiddling and eventually click the button to start a race weekend. Unnecessary but most certainly appreciated.

F1 management

According to the phenomenon that is Football Manager, the triumph of F1 Manager will be determined by how many previously healthy marriages it dissolves, not by how many copies are sold.