If you are looking for a car show where you can enjoy vehicles racing and getting muddy with heavy air, then the Detroit Auto Show is for you. Though this auto show is quite strange, it still had quite a good appeal.

The first Detroit Auto Show was held in 2020. It is also known as the North American International Auto Show. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the plan was to do the new summer show in 2021. But as the pandemic continued, the organizer decided to merge the event with another car show called Motor Bella. Both events were organised this September with an M1 Concourse race track in Pontiac.

The show started on a gray and drizzly morning. Gradually this odd show started making some good impressions on the audiences. Enormous mounds of dirt for Jeep and Ram rides. A Ram TRX opens up its pipes just before leaping into the air. Lots of decorative strings of lights gracing the walkways to entertain the visitors. Numbers of cars lining the edges of the track. All the giant auto-making companies like Ford and GM were in the middle on the skidpad. All these cars are ready to participate in the race.

Some manufacturers have professional display booths. But most other automakers simply present their vehicles under a small tent or parked along with a single flag. But the best part is there were some running displays of all available cars.

People can have a chance to get up close and personal with cars. They can check their favorite car by driving it on the road. It gives people more of a reason to visit the car show.