The Lordstown Endurance is a new generation electric vehicle. The car company has launched its EV collection with this Lordstown Endurance electric truck. This car is the best thing to launch the new company. Lordstown also mentions that many experienced Automotives have joined their company from Tesla, GM, Volkswagen, and many more. They have contributed to this car to make the perfect electric truck.

Lordstown Endurance
Credit: topgear

The car is a pretty standard-looking pickup and has all the cut-out lines that give the space for the lights and small air intake. The view of the car is marvelous. Also, it looks like the car has appeared from some other space than earth. Moreover, the car has four hub-mounted electric motors that provide a full four-wheel drive. In addition, the range is around 260- miles per hour. The car is said to have extra space to hold more things in the back. This is pretty good for a company that has just started to launch its car.

electric car
Credit: theverge

Lordstown is aiming the Endurance at their business to make the car for commercial uses. So, it is speculated that there will be fewer deals to make the car more affordable to the general public. Although it is not sure when the car will come to the UK, prices will start at $52,500 in the US. Lordstown is hoping to beat both Tesla and Rivian to the market with their great deals. However, this electric vehicle offers exciting features in this price range.

Credit: motortrend

The production of the car is said to be ramping up in the middle of 2020. But, during the pandemic, the car company was not able to produce as much. The worldwide lockdown made it hard for cars to be produced. But, after the pandemic had been maintainable, the company launched its new model to the public for sale.