City cars always offer great value with advanced technological features. You can find a wide number of city cars in this increasingly competitive marketplace. Sometimes it becomes difficult to choose the most appealing electric vehicles from this list. Here we are recommending the best urban runabouts that you should consider buying while searching for city cars.

Fiat 500

This is a single city car that can make its owner feel like a cheapskate behind the wheel. The solid construction and careful applications of this car make it a unique choice. The soft-feel materials and high specs make this vehicle a comfortable place while driving. As the cute city car is packed with the latest technology, it is fun and easy to drive an all-new, third-generation electric car.

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Volkswagen up!

This vehicle is not only brilliant fun to drive on a back road but also comfortable on a cruise or the biggest bumps in town. The clean classy design has a choice of trim levels including Beats, Black Edition and R-Line. It also offers a high-performance GTI version. If you are searching for a reliable city car with real performance, you can select it without any hesitation.

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Toyota Aygo X

With modern styling and advanced technology, this car is enhancing the demand in the market. It offers a brilliant crossover that makes it more desirable than the previous Aygo model. The crossover is doing a good job of soaking up bumps in the road and making the driving experience more reliable. This city car offers a better view of the road. Because the extra length of the Aygo X allows it to increase boot size by 60 liters. The vibrant interior and flashes of attractive colors make it desirable to users who want to drive in style.

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