Subaru’s amazing WRX GT has proven its solid performance and added some exclusive features, which has increased the demand for the car in the market. After all these years of spraying gravel and spitting fire on the world stage, the Subaru WRX GT has earned its position as an exquisite car. Furthermore, the 2022 model is the fifth-generation model, and after the redesign, the car has become more likable to car lovers around the world. Here is a brief description of this model.


Subaru WRX GT
Credit: oregon
Current market trend

For now, the WRX model has been available in the market, and this is with the automobile transmission. The latest CVT model with an 8-stimulus ratio is from $1850 to $2250 depending on the trim level. The base car costs $30,600. This car is equipped with a six-speed manual to the 271-hp turbocharged 2.4-liter flat-four. For a car of this model, this is pretty standard.


Credit: autonxt
Special Features of the car

The new model of the Subaru is a fully equipped GT model. For the WRX, the steering is very crisp and delivers a direct turn-in response. So, if the car is at questionable speed, it is very easy for the driver to take it under control. Also, the car was made for chucked around from the corner. The standard all-wheel drive allows it to be on the surface with control over the ground. Noise cancellation is also another feature that makes the car more enjoyable to drive.


Credit: rickhendrickdodge
Final opinion

Although it is a sports car, this is very comfortable and user-friendly for people who want to drive it for daily needs. The interior is inducted with many features that provide comfort and the feel of being a sports car at the same time. Moreover, the price is also under the average car so for many people, this is the best car they can get.