The appeal of PCP deals and the pledge of a brand-new car every three years may cause drivers to flock to Britain’s roads, but fresh data shows that there are many older models that are still going strong years after they have left the showroom.

The thought of driving a car with six figures in mileage makes a lot of people uncomfortable, but a mere 100,000 miles pales in comparison to the more than 73,000 cars and trucks with more than 250,000 miles on the odometer.

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The Skoda Octavia is at the pinnacle of the 250k club with an outstanding 1,950 still on the road after crossing the quarter million-mile mark. It is one of the best top 10 cars that are built to last.

The Volkswagen Passat comes in second place, with 1,874 of them still running strong after traveling the distance of ten times around the Earth.

Third on the list is Toyota’s ground-breaking Prius hybrid, 1,742 of which have more than 250,000 miles on them. It’s the first of two Toyotas, demonstrating the reliability of the company’s reputation.

Top 10 cars with more than 250,000 miles
Rank ModelNumber of cars
1Skoda Octavia1,950
2VW Passat1,874
3Toyota Prius1,742
4Ford Mondeo1,278
5VW Golf1,047
6Toyota Avensis1,027
7Audi A4997
8Mercedes E-Class956
9Ford Galaxy899
10Audi A6637


Toyota Prius
How to extend longevity?

There are several things drivers can do to prolong the life of their cars eve if they did not make our top 10 cars list:

Thorough, routine servicing and maintenance, along with changing the oil and any necessary filters in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations, are essential to extending a car’s lifespan.

The engine and other parts of a car will last longer and cost less to repair if you adopt smooth driving patterns.

Maintain adequate fluid levels; a car with low oil is a disaster waiting to happen.

Additionally crucial is maintaining your car’s cleanliness to fend off corrosion, rust, and accelerated wear.