Most of the time mechanics won’t tell you some hidden issues. But as a car owner, you should be aware of these hidden points. Maintaining a car is hard. But it gets harder when the mechanics don’t cooperate with you on the journey. Here are a few things that you should know your mechanics won’t mention to you in servicing your car.

Mechanics Won’t Tell You
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Read before you sign it

As an owner of a car, you have to sign a lot of documents during the servicing process. This is an essential and required process that clears the legal process. But not always your mechanics will tell you to go through the paper thoroughly. This is a cruel trick from the side of the servicing company. Also, don’t sign blank paper provided by the company.

There are other options

Sometimes you end up taking a costly decision that was prescribed by the mechanics. Not necessarily the decision taken was the only solution to the problem. There could be other affordable solutions that your mechanics probably didn’t tell you. To avoid this, ask them if there is any other way to fix the problem.

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Double labor time

After you have left the car for any repair, ask them how much time it would take to fix the issue. Oftentimes they do not clear the time frame and end up billing you double for the extended time of the servicing.

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Ask for the old parts

If your car goes through a heavy body part change, don’t forget to ask for the old part back. Most of the time the mechanic won’t remind you to take the old part. But as a conscious car owner, you should always care for the car’s safety and take back what is left. This way you can ask other people if the part was really in need of change.