A proper car wash is one of the key components of maintaining your car. There is no doubt that you need to take your car for washing at least once a month. You should wash it as soon as the car requires a mandatory wash. Here are some steps to maintain before taking your car for cleaning.


Car Wash
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Cleaning your car before taking it for washing

The auto wash will clean the outside of your automobile, but don’t you think now would be a good time to clean the inside as well? Make sure to throw the trash out, dust the car seats and rugs, and thoroughly clean the dashboard before going to the car wash.  In addition, you have to keep the interior clean, just as the outside to ensure a proper car wash.


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Roll up the windows

Despite the fact that this is the most essential case to do, some automobile owners enter the tunnel without rolling up their windows, which results in water getting inside the vehicle. Roll up the windows, shut the sunroof, pull back the antenna, and most essential, fold your wing mirrors before pulling into the vehicle wash bay. Don’t forget to turn on the kid lock if there are youngsters in the vehicle.


Switch off the automatic buttons on the car

It’s best to deactivate your car’s automatic features before you pull into the power washing bay. For instance, if you don’t turn off your windshield wipers before entering the car wash tunnel, they may turn on automatically in some vehicles.


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Check the brakes and automated brake system

Make sure your car’s brakes are in good operating order before going to an automatic car wash. You’ll be requested to stop, start, and relocate your car a lot, and a broken auto brake puts you and other people in danger. Before going to the car wash, check out a mechanic if your brakes aren’t working properly.