You may not like to drive your car on the door handles or may not be interested in fitting a new set of brake pads every week. Because your car is your valuable possession and you may like to keep it safe for ensuring longevity. Here are some easy and effective ways to make your car last far longer.

Choose your route carefully

If you drive your car on a badly surfaced road every single day, it may hamper your tires as well as other parts of the car. So, try to pick your routes carefully and if possible, avoid the broken roads. Thus, you may save your car from broken springs and buckled wheels. You can take a different route with a better surface. It will also make your journey comfortable and enjoyable.

Keep your air-con active

Sometimes we don’t switch on our air-con of the car to reduce the fuel consumption. But you need to remember that not switching your air-con for more than one month is not a good practice at all. It may do untold damage to your air-con. When you don’t use your air-con on a regular basis, you cannot be able to identify any leakage on time. Some components may expire and you are not aware of this which may cost you a lot more than you saved on fuel. That’s why experts recommend using your air-con regularly.

Use your brakes

Many of us are applying gearboxes to slow down our car speed. But it is not the right way to perform. Gears should be used to keep your vehicle running and brakes are the main elements to slow down your speed. If we don’t follow this rule, it can reduce the transmission life of the car bearing. Because this practice puts extra pressure on bearing and reduces the longevity of these parts. So, use your brakes whenever you need to slow down your engine.

Keep your car in a safe place

Even though they have it, many people don’t use a garage to store their cars. They keep their car on a lawn or roadside. As a result, their car gets hot on sunny days, or the interior plastics of the car may become bleaching. By garaging your car, you can save it from outdoor annoyance.