Are you looking for tips to prepare your car ready for winter? Then here we are for you. Winter can be a tough time for auto-mobiles, especially when the temperature gets very low. A few tips can make your car ready for the crude winter days.

car ready for winter
Credit: topgear
Test your car battery

Car batteries don’t run for a lifetime. They need to be changed and taken care of throughout their working days. But, don’t wait for your car to fail. Especially in winter, the car battery is known to get down due to low temperature. Before winter starts, try to check the battery’s health to make sure that it is running perfectly.

Clean your battery terminals

Corrosion buildup on the battery poses a danger to the health of the battery. It can be more serious in the wintertime, due to the issue of low temperature. In cold weather, the jam of oil clumps prevents the charging system from fully charging the battery. It might pose a danger when the car is running, in the middle of the road it can stop.

Credit: maserati
Lubricate window tracks

Freezing weather can seep into the window and make the internal temperature fall down. It can lead to greater danger. To prevent this, try to lubricate and oil the gap in the window space. So, after you close the window of the car, cold air cannot enter the car, keeping you warm throughout the drive. Spray a silicone or dry Teflon spray lubricant to make it airtight as much as possible.

car maintenance
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Check tire tread depth

Worn tires are your worst enemy in winter. Wintertime roads can get muddy and slippery at the same time. If the tire health of your car is not in good situation, you might get into a bad situation later during the time. check the tire health by inserting a tire key or needle.