Are you interested to know about the most visually appealing small electric cars of 2021? Then get ready to explore the list. Here we are presenting the most attractive small electric cars that dominated the last year. We have also considered other features like usable range, performance, and value while preparing the list. Our experts also evaluated the practicality, style, and perceived quality of the popular EVs in the market.

Peugeot e-208

If you’re purchasing your first electric car, it might be a great choice for you. The materially rich interior of this EV makes it stand out in the market. The stylish bodywork will refine your mind at first glance. It is one of several PSA Group compact EVs that beats both of its key rivals Renault Zoe and Mini Electric. The eye-popping look and comfortable design distinguish this model in the electric car market.

small electric car
Credit: topgear
Fiat 500 Electric

The fairly strong performance and cute retro looks of this small electric car are enough to impress you. the new electric 500 of Fiat was just designed for the modern age. The 42kWh battery will allow you to translate 140 miles in real-world use. Plenty of grips makes it more fun to drive. You may love the plasticky interior with comfortable seats. If you are looking for a decent value along with a fashionable EV then it can be a good choice.

electric car
Credit: topgear
Vauxhall Corsa-e

Electric car lovers love this small electric car for its imaginatively configured interior. The stylish body structure and super impressive color of this vehicle will astonish you. The genuine 180-mile everyday battery range will satisfy your driving experience with the highest comfortability. 100kW DC rapid charging compatibility is quite enough to provide super-competent handling power in your hand. The free home charger installation along with special home energy tariff features make this EV unique in the market.

Credit: topgear