Car maintenance is the most essential concern for every car owner. Because most of the time car owners are facing challenges to maintain the appropriate ways of taking care of their vehicles. But some simple steps may help them service their car regularly. Here are a few simple and essential car maintenance tips. These tips may help car owners to maintain a legal and roadworthy vehicle.

Wash your windscreen regularly

It is wise to check the windscreen on regular basis. Especially before winter, you have to check it. Always remember that you have to fill the vehicle’s screen washer bottle to avoid any legal issues.

Check your vehicle’s tyres

Monitoring your car’s tyre pressures is an obvious thing to do. Because the pressure of tyres can control the driving of your car. To maintain a smooth drive, you always should use the right type of tyre for your model. Always try to maintain the minimum legal tread depth of tyre.

Keep sufficient engine oil

Maintaining the right oil level is very important. Because if there is not sufficient oil on your car’s engine, it may increase the risk of breaking down. It is also a major cause of car engine damage.

Update your battery

A faulty battery is a common cause of car breakdowns. It may cause a slow turning of your car. So, it is very important to check your car battery regularly. Try to change your car battery every three years.

Top up the liquid of the cooling system

During winter it is very important to maintain the right temperature of your car engine. Even some model requires the perfect coolant system to run smoothly. So, you may need to check the cooling system liquid regularly all year round. The liquid is mainly a mixture of antifreeze and water. You should follow the car manual to make sure your coolant gets the perfect amount of liquid.


However, your car’s manual is the best manual to maintain your car perfectly. Always follow it to maintain the specific model of your vehicle. It will tell you what to do and when is the right time to do it.