Nowadays fuel consumption is one of the most important concerns for every car user. As the petrol and diesel prices hike at a record number, it becomes very difficult to bear such fuel expenses. Here we are trying to share some effective tips so that you can decrease fuel consumption.

Maintain the optimum tyre pressure

The optimum tyre pressure is very important to keep the right speed of your car. If your car has a flat tyre, you may not be able to get the maximum speed of your vehicle and it would take time to reach your destination. It means you have to use more fuel. So, it is wise to check your tyre pressure regularly to maintain the optimum pressure of the car’s tyre. Try to check it at least once per month.

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Apply Eco mode whenever possible

If your car has an “Eco” mode option, you should apply it. While going for long driving, you must use it. It is highly recommended for the vast majority of journeys. You may not identify much difference. You can enjoy the same car performance and settings with this eco-friendly mode. But it allows you to burn comparatively less fuel.

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Maintain the proper speed limit

Crossing the speed limit not only costs you points but also consumes more fuel. So, following the particular speed limit is very important when you want to reduce your fuel consumption. When you drive a car at a certain speed it consumes less. The higher speed may consume more fuel.

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Use your cruise control properly

When you use your cruise control regularly, the fuel consumption will increase. Because cruise control is suitable on motorways or roads with a constant speed. While driving in a hilly area, you would take your foot off the accelerator to maintain a constant speed. Driving in this may increase the rate of fuel consumption.