There are many features of electric cars. But many users are not aware of these features. Due to their mind-blowing features and other benefits that it provides, electric cars are the first choice for so many people around the globe. Almost everyone who knows about cars understands that electric cars run on electricity. Still, some features are unknown to general people. Here are some of them explained.


Features of Electric Cars
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Front Boots

Usually in normal cars, there is space in the back. But in an electric vehicle, there is space in the front. The reason is very simple. Electric car companies have to use large batteries to power the car. So, they have engineered their car in a way that the car battery is set on the bottom of it. It saves a lot of space in the front, and the car owner can have space in it.


Electric Cars
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Dog mode

People who have owners are always concerned about their pets. Especially when they drive and have to bring their pet into the car. Oftentimes the owner has to go to places, leaving the pet in the car. This is not an issue with a modern electric car. There is a pet mode setting in it which makes sure that your pet is doing all right while staying in the car without the owner.


Power the house

This might seem weird. Electric cars can power your house if you want. This is not something you can do daily. During an emergency when there is a power outage in the area, you can power your house using the electric car.


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Remote starting

Another feature that is great about the electric car is that you can perform various options by using your smartphone. Your car starts and drives just by using your smartphone. Also, you can control or change many commands using your phone.