Rear-drive sports cars are now getting popular. Sports cars are great if you think about the speed and luxurious vibe. Usually, they are expensive. But slightly used cars are most likely to be a bit affordable. Here are a few of them that can suit your budget and lifestyle.


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BMW M3 E46

This is a rear-driving sports car that is affordable at the same time. Most importantly, the car is half of the price of the M2. In a way, this is the spiritual successor of the old M3. Although they are similar in many ways but have features that make both of them different in nature. This M3 has gigantic peak torque ability, which makes the car more efficient.


Rear-Drive Sports Cars

Porsche 911 Carrera S

Compared to the M2, this is one of the best choices you can make in your life about cars. After you buy the car, you will be showered by the appreciation of the people, as you have made the right choice. This is an astonishingly good car in the market, also a unique one because of its internal and external features. Additionally, the car has six-flat engines that power the car. It ensures high speed and a smooth ride.


TVR Tuscan

TRV has rumors about it that this is a boring car. But the allegation is false, as they are efficient in performance. Not only that, their exterior look is more unique than any sports car in the market. The experience that the car will provide for you on the road is simply awesome.


Rear-Drive Cars
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Aston Martin V8 Vantage

Many people don’t count this car as a sports car, as it is usually

seen on roads for driving often. But all the features are present in the car that makes it a sports car. It is also mentioned as a supercar by many.