Volkswagen ID.3 is one of the first series of electric cars in the Volkswagen series. This SUV-shaped one is the heart of the range, also preferred for a golf-sized family hatch. The ID3 is a rival to the likes of the Nissan Leaf and BMW i3. This car is entering into a new era where they are using a battery-powered era, where they clean up its oily reputation and silence the doubters. And this rage against the German giant for being too ponderous in taking electro-mobility seriously.

This car is different from other cars on the market. The ID3 is a five-door, five-seat hatchback, with a boot at the back and a motor beneath driving the rear wheels. The steering wheel and infotainment screen add a new turn to this series. The front doesn’t have to accommodate a hefty engine and cooling system, as the wheelbase is elongated and overhangs are short.

Entry-level ID3s can go 200 miles at the best time. This is offered by a 45kWh power pack. On the other hand, mid-range models offer around 250 miles via a 58kWh battery. Currently, this car offers rear drive only as a special feature. This also offers SUV-shaped ID4 to fill the dual-motor niche.

Price ranges depend on the size of the model. It can be said that it is a people’s car. After the Beetle and the Golf, this car is considered a model car for car lovers. The ID3 is deliberately not an oddball, it is a modern car with a unique touch. It’s space-efficient, nimble on its toes, and tech-wise, which makes it more approachable. After using this car for one time, every car lover would be amazed.