Volkswagen Taos now becomes one of the top SUVs in the market. Volkswagen is known for its world-class SUVs. The Tao is one of the cars that is represented in front of the world to prove the point. This car is compacted with modern tech and safety features, which makes it more appealing to clients. Not only this model has cargo space, but this can also be of excellent passenger space. So, it offers a comfortable setting for people and carries a lot of luggage too. This makes it a well-rounded offer.


Volkswagen Taos
Credit: wallacevolkswagenofstuart
Performance of the car

This SUV is one of the quickest cars on the market right now. It can reach up to 60 mph within 7.8 seconds. But the car is equipped with so many safety measures that the speed is easily controllable for the driver. The launch control is usually reserved for sports cars, but for the safety and comfort of Volkswagen users, this feature was added to the car as well. Moreover, the Taos achieves high scores at every point of driving.


Credit: vwofmarion

As was explained a bit before, the car has a lot of space. There is no question about the comfort of the car. The interior design of the car is considered one of the best designs in the world right now. Volkswagen is known for its upscale designs and looks. Also, the car has a large door opening that makes it more appealing from the outside. The square windows and good mirror coverage make the car more aesthetically pleasing. Overall, this is a hit.


Credit: edmunds
Final verdict

There are multiple SUV brands in the market right now. But if you look closely and make a wise decision, Volkswagen Taos is going to be the best option from any aspect. This well-rounded car starts from $23,495 – $33,645, which is also affordable for most people.