Volkswagen transporter is an exciting addition to this automobile company. This company has launched its new car, which is a van with many wonders. This car belongs to T6.1 in a panel with an updated version from the previous one. The previous version belongs to the sixth generation. The series of T1, T2, and T3 was experimental. But from T4 and onwards the cars are more modern and polished. Also, they took an evolutionary journey and that was look-wise. The car now looks posher and more stylish.


Volkswagen transporter
Credit: parkers
Internal parts and mechanism

This car has improved itself from the previous models. This car has a 2.0-liter diesel option. Also, this is capable of 109 5o 201bhp. This is available on the front wheel and all four-wheel drive. Moreover, it has a manual option to drive and DSG automatic gearboxes also. The available options don’t stop here. The car has two more different wheelbases and two different rooflines. Moreover, the payload is a maximum of 1309 kilos. This is good for a car this size.


Credit: topgear
Other important features

The car has three trim lines. One of them is 34,000 euros. The other posher option is 38,000 Euros. This version feels more related to the Caravella carrier and California camper. The other version is occupied with fancy wheels. All the versions have lowering springs with proper spoilers. They are paired with more kits beside. But the most powerful engine of the 2 liters diesel is the 47,840 Euros version.  


Credit: volkswagen
The verdict

Volkswagen has been making cars for 70 years. Without being brilliant in their field, it is not possible to be in the business for that long time. This new car is one of the signs why this company is in business for such a long time. The car is glorious to drive and the feeling is amazing. Not just the inner features, the exterior of the car is very modern too.