Volvo has now expanded its over-the-air program update to cover 34 countries and about 200,000 cars, making even more Volvo customers beneficiaries of the OTA software updates. The Geely-owned carmaker has made the OTA software available to the latest V60, S60 and XC90 models.


As a result of this expanded availability, all Volvo models created from the 2023 model going forward will have OTA capability. Volvo asserts that OTA updates can now reach 34 countries and over 190,000 cars. These remote software updates can now be accessed in new markets such as New Zealand, Taiwan and India.

The latest update includes improvements in the infotainment system and an operating system upgrade to Android 11, as well as the addition of new app categories in the Google Play Store. Video streaming will be added in the latter part of 2022.

Volvo has stated that its infotainment system is now available on all its new models. Additionally, the new update is said to make the company’s fully electric cars and plug-in hybrids more efficient through the use of enhanced and calibrated climate timers. Drivers will also have the benefit of getting more percentage updates whenever their EVs are charging.

Volvo chief product officer Henrik Green says that the OTA availability to all models helps the company make their customers’ cars better. This is an important milestone as the company is now able to send continuous remote updates to a growing number of customers, thus increasing satisfaction.