The XC40 Recharge P8 is Volvo’s first fully electric offering. It is the first car in this series that offers the benefit of an electric car and more. The name mentions some of its features, which are helpful for car lovers. Starting from a hearty £49,950, the car can offer more. The XC40 P8 looks the same as its ICE and PHEV counterparts, but it is more efficient.

Volvo XC40 Recharge P8
Credit: topgear
Battery life

The P8 is powered by a 78kWh lithium-ion battery, which is mounted on the back side of the car. Or in some cases, under the car. This Battery feeds two electric motors, with one on each axle that provides the all-wheel drive. Also, the power output is 402bhp. Torque an outrageous 487lb-ft, which translates to a decidedly un-Volvo-ish turn of speed. The car claims a WLTP can range from 257 miles on a single charge.

Credit: motorguider
Other features

All these features might seem familiar to the car enthusiast who is into the details. It can seem identical to the “Long Range Dual Motor” version, which is from the Polestar 2. This reminds us of a challenge that, in the rapidly evolving EV world it is hard to create something different than other inventions. The car looks the same as the description of the feature, but it can produce a fully comfortable and new experience.

electric car
Credit: ev-database

This car is perfect if you are just starting with electric vehicles. They are comfortable and easy to drive into. The most convenient part of this car is that it doesn’t have so many complex buttons or options that might confuse a new driver who has just started to drive an electric car.