Electric vehicles are famous for a better environment. These are playing an important role to reduce global warming through carbon emission.  A range of peer-reviewed papers has been published that stated that electric cars are far better for the green environment.  But all the electric cars are not performing in the same way. Some electric vehicles are leaving a carbon footprint by making its battery and producing materials that are responsible for global warming. However, some automakers are trying to achieve accessible efficiency to make a bold technology statement. Here are some of the models which are working to make a difference.

Hyundai IONIQ 5

The renowned automaker Hyundai first mentioned that the IONIQ 5 models would be a special one. With its 45 Concept, the car has already won the heart of its users. It was the first dedicated electric vehicle that comes with handsome hatchbacks of the ‘70s. Furthermore, the E-GMP platform makes this electric vehicle a unique choice among car enthusiasts. The speedy 800-volt charging capacity increases the home energy ecosystem potentially of this vehicle. In addition, the manufacturer has emphasized efficiency while designing this car so that it has a great impact on the green environment. Moreover, the bidirectional capability of this can prove the automaker’s commitment to reconceive its vehicles.

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Lucid Air

The auto manufacturing company has used power Formula E to make the vehicle suitable for the long shot. Now, this vehicle is part of the broader Lucid Group. This model is showcasing the company’s shockingly miniaturized motor. Furthermore, the small size gearbox and inverter packaging make this car unique among the other equivalent models in the market. Additionally, this car is committed to making an affordable purchase for budget customers. For this reason, it is offering an EPA range of up to 520 miles which is an amazing experience for electric car users.

Better Environment
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Mercedes-Benz EQS

This model of Mercedes has come with the highest level of technology. Electric car users are an admirer of the luxurious design of his vehicle. It offers a wide variety of electric vehicle features like large cabin space and a stylish look. EQS now becomes a torch-bearer of S-Class heritage. In addition, this cr has tried to demonstrate the future of the electric luxury car. At the same time, it has tried to maintain the environmental issue through applying advanced technology.

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