Manufacturers are using acoustic glass for years. Now, this convenient glass becomes attractive for EVs. As airborne noise is far noticeable, carmakers are applying acoustic glass for noise insulation. Car manufacturers are emphasizing reducing the difference between subduing noise and human speech. In this EV era, it becomes very important to keep them at the same frequency. This acoustic glass becomes a premium component that makes car conversation easier.

acoustic glass
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Glass is one of the important elements while designing and constructing cars. But acoustic glass added an extra benefit to disappear powertrain noise.

Initialization of acoustic glass

Earlier windscreen glass was using a high-temperature process to produce ‘toughened’ or ‘tempered’ glass. But inside the car manufacturers usually use small chunks of glass that remained hidden under the carpets of the car. Later car manufacturers introduced a better alternative like laminated glass for passenger cars.

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Acoustic glass is one type of laminated glass. To develop this elegant glass manufacturers are using advanced technology and genuine concept. Earlier laminated glass is used in motorsport which consists of a thin layer of polymer with two thinner sheets of glass. Car manufacturers introduced it for road cars in 1983.

Currently, Porsche introduced noise-control glass with five layers. It initialized advanced technology to compose three layers of polyvinyl butyral (PVB) between two layers of glass. This PVB has acoustic features to absorb vibration that can be able to reduce the transmission of sound into a closed area.

Advantages of acoustic glass

Car manufacturers are utilizing acoustic glass to control noise. This fancy form of laminated glass reduces the noise in a couple of ways. Either it reflects the sound back towards the source or absorbs the noise within the polymer. As the side windows and windscreen are fitted with this glass perfectly, you can enjoy the highest safety and security all around.

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The security benefits of acoustic glass are also remarkable. The multiple layers make it more resistant to break-ins. It is more worthwhile than conventional glass. Additionally, it allows passengers to watch multimedia content outside the window.