Engine light is one of those signals. Car users need to take care of it regularly. Taking care of a car is not that easy. It requires a lot from the owner. But often the car will show signs by itself that it needs help to recover. So, here are 4 reasons why the lights might be on.

Credit: motorist
Problem with the gas cap

This is a serious issue. The gas cap being loose for a long time can lead to a fatal accident. The engine light starts to blink when the gas tank lets out vapor of gasoline into the air. This is caused by the failed circulation system which requires professional help.

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An issue with the catalytic converter

One of the common reasons for the light being on is the faulty converter. The catalytic converter does an important job for the car. Primarily it shifts the carbon monoxide into carbon dioxide. Carbon monoxide is very injurious to human health. So, if there is any issue with the conversion, the engine light will be activated.


Spark plugs issue

Spark plugs are one of the most important parts of a car. Without a spark plug, a car engine would not work at all. It starts the combustion engine and starts the force of the engine to run. If the spark plug is worn out, there will be a signal from the car. Also, it can increase fuel consumption if it has issues. So, if you see that your car is requiring more fuel, check it to find the issue.

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Oxygen sensor failure

The oxygen sensor helps to find out how much oxygen has stayed unburnt in the combustion system. This is done to calculate the use of fuel. If there is any issue with that, the car engine light will show that.